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i'm Felicia, you can call me Felice (>.<)
yeah, just ordinary girl, living in her small world
i'm indonesian, and i'm 15 (Aquarius).
like vocaloid , comic , everything about manga anime . fashion , cute random stuff .i'm a OTAKU , K-Pop lovers too~~

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i'm just post some pict that i like and
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IU’s blonde/brown hair in ‘The red shoes’ - requested by skoreaaddict

메리 크리스마스~

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GTOP getting rejected by vips

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Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks


The Inverted Warehouse/Townhouse by Dean/Wolf Architects is an addition to and a renovation of a TriBeCa loft building.

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The voids provide structure for daily life by recovering townhouse garden uses: exterior garden, reading court, and playground.


WRAP HOUSE by Future Studio

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‘WRAP HOUSE’ is grouping and wrapping the three elements sunlight, spacious sense and privacy to enrich the living space.


Travelling with an architect: discovering Seoul


Maff Apartment by Queeste architecten

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A hotel room located on the third floor in the attic of a private house with clear and strong identity to provide a sense of uniqueness for its users.


The Apartment by Nook Architects

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"The “apartment” was the conclusion of studying several distribution schemes created by jigsaw-puzzles composed of several squares that corresponded to the minimum surface areas and widths required on the city’s building code"

In Japan, you can buy smartphone panties to ‘protect’ your phone’s private parts.



K A R N E V A L  F i n a l  E p i s o d e 

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Nom nom nom *yummy~ °☆°


» But let’s talk about the Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall

The story of the light novel series takes place before Hajime’s original manga and it follows Anheru, a member of the Survey Corps who works in weapons development and designs the 3D maneuver gear as the scouting legion struggle without knowing the titans’ weakness.

The second story follows a character named Kyklop (Greek for Cyclops, whoa buddy) who was discovered as a newborn in a mass of titan vomit. How much hardcore can you get? The series will be drawn by Thores Shibamoto (well known for Trinity Blood). SNK: Before the Fall hits August 26th.

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